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Wilsons go to Cambodia!

Wilson Family / Ally Global Foundation

As a family we are going to serve alongside Ally's national team in Cambodia working with survivors.
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    Breanne Murtagh

    $205.80 / 6 days ago

    We love you guys and are incredibly proud of you. xoxo

  • Fb239f8f1896353b1dec2661e3d522b4? nophoto

    Juanita Alexander

    $154.35 / 8 days ago

    Praying that God will be with you as you seek His will for your family. Safe travels!

  • 44119926e13e664d45ad9624af7e9cff? nophoto

    Ian Martens

    $102.90 / 28 days ago

  • E413426261a1659f741027855780e0a0? nophoto

    Michael Zepedeo

    $205.80 / 29 days ago

    This is awesome! Keep up all the good work. love you guys!!

  • Standard boylefamily2021 15

    Jon Boyle

    $102.90 / 29 days ago

    So encouraged by your obedience and trust in God for this exciting journey. You’ve been a solid friend to me and I’ll be praying for you and your family while you’re gone. Love you bro!

  • Be7b6c046d0a4e9ee36e9aa868393a2b? nophoto

    Paul Phillips

    $514.50 / 30 days ago

    Extremely proud of you guys! You are truly special people, God Bless, Paul

  • 6abe011faf48e7290517c14759691b63? nophoto

    Laura Bullock

    $102.90 / 36 days ago

  • F06b4fd3aba3d04044681518feeece46? nophoto

    Travis Martens

    $51.45 / 45 days ago

    I’m hoping your family experiences God’s delight in you as you go and serve, may your hearts overflow with joy!

  • 5b28e2b7b63107bd706610250ae4e104? nophoto

    Sharon Ficken

    $514.50 / 47 days ago

    Wilson family...go with God's blessing and be a light for Him. We love you and we will keep praying for you.

  • B62d9d83eecea6fbeb267f9fa245fcda? nophoto

    Abe Friesen

    $102.90 / 49 days ago

  • B0106acd6a0a85180051d158178b5100? nophoto

    Brandon Ficken

    $102.90 / 56 days ago

    May the Lord use your family to help the girls that are suffering. May it bring your family closer to Christ. Much love from the Fickens

  • 2ed40991b3dbd6c08f7c18940101f717? nophoto

    Martina Ficken

    $205.80 / 58 days ago

    This will be such a wonderful experience for you all. May Gods grace be with you. Love you all!

  • 97af3e842cfc60ff0582c369e23e3c3e? nophoto

    Carissa Fierbach

    $205.80 / 60 days ago

    Proud of you guys for taking this leap of faith and making an impact in the world! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • 4fa9b8fcb1e08c2049c0018f07602822? nophoto

    Grant Miller

    $1,029.00 / 60 days ago

    We love you guys so much and can't wait to see God's continued work through you.

  • Abf6de7ed017254a5f0d93dd664a4fc6? nophoto

    Donna McCredie

    $102.90 / 62 days ago

  • Aad62f08ab32ad4afcabd93620812234? nophoto

    Carla Garcia

    $51.45 / 63 days ago

  • 64c6e25ca0f182135a81f9aba582e62f? nophoto

    Vicky Edwards

    $51.45 / 63 days ago

    All the best!

  • 1b33c191542e84d0a2ecb84e862a80bb? nophoto

    Angela Lishanko

    $51.45 / 63 days ago

    You guys are amazing! ❤️

  • 0ff80991df7a5ee31cff34eca827d665? nophoto

    Steven Cross

    $2,000.00 / 63 days ago

  • E8260664cdc415a35afe555f1d7aac9a? nophoto

    Emily Casio

    $51.45 / 63 days ago

  • 43906ecd7cbc9c185486c87c294ac542? nophoto

    Ryan MacDonald

    $205.80 / 64 days ago

    Can’t think of a better cause and I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing journey!! Phenomenal work and good luck!

  • 68ef1c1f693617ce7cf3df637cc63741? nophoto

    Darrell Krell

    $103.93 / 64 days ago

    Have a safe and healthy adventure.

  • 43ba27a9bad6b686b097483c680b0a46? nophoto

    Ryan Ficken

    $51.45 / 64 days ago

    Praying for you guys and this big step in your life! Love you guys 🧡

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    Randy Watson

    $154.35 / 64 days ago

  • A5ec71606bcbbb07872c8a8bd51074c1? nophoto

    Andrew Hibbs

    $154.35 / 64 days ago

    You guys are awesome! Praying Gods protection and blessing over your family, from the Hibbs

About Wilsons go to Cambodia!

We are proud to be apart and to support Ally, a Canadian charity working to prevent human trafficking and help survivors find healing through safe housing, education and aftercare. We are going to Cambodia!! As a family we will be going along side Ally to help love and serve survivors of human trafficking. We are so excited for this opportunity to go as a family and would love your support by making a donation. Thank you!

All donations are tax receiptable for Canadians.